What is Domestic collectors ($DMC) Token?

Domestic collectors ($DMC) is the native token of Domestic Collectors, a web based play to earn game where you can play, socialize and earn $DMC through being domestic. Domestic collectors is based on the BNB Smart Chain (BEP20).

The token has a maximum supply of 1,000,000,000 and a total supply of 512,798,836. As of January 1, The Domestic collectors price is $0.01657 with a 24-hour trading volume of $1,799.98 USD.

Domestic Collectors Tokenomics 

There’s a fee of 13% on every transaction being made except when buying $DMC on Pancakeswap. These fees are divided as following:

  • Reward pool: 7%
  • Liquidity pool: 3%
  • Development: 3%


$DMC is a token used for buying/trading workers within the Domestic Collectors P2E game. $DMC can be either swapped with BNB on PancakeSwap or received from the reward pool each Wednesday & Sunday by collecting Domestic Points (DMP).

How to play Domestic Collectors?

Domestic Collectors is a Play-2-Earn game, which means – the more you play – the more you earn. When you play and send your Workers to work, they generate an in-game currency called: DMP (Domestic Points). You can use this in-game currency (DMP) to upgrade your Workers to generate a higher salary.

Every Wednesday and Sunday, all players earn $DMC which can be swapped for $BNB and then sold for real money or used to buy more workers from a big shared Reward Pool. Your share of this pool depends on how many Domestic Points (DMP) you have collected throughout the week.


A Season is a period that divides the game into different phases. When you purchase a Worker from the Shop, a Season Flag applies to it. All Workers have a Season Flag; the flag defines in what Season there was when the player purchased it from the Shop.

After each season, the Workers from previous seasons could become stronger and receive more revenue. Getting your hands on early-season Workers could become profitable in the long run based on the game & community’s development.

  • Season 1 Workers receive a 5% Salary Bonus due to them being bought in season 1.


A Worker is an NPC (Non-playable character) that works for you and generates DMP (Domestic Points). You can upgrade your workers with DMP to increase your Workers’ salaries, but remember that their upgrade costs will also gradually increase! There is no limit on how many workers you can own. The player can purchase Workers from the Shop or the Auction where players can offer their Workers for sale.

A Worker has a few properties.

  • Level – the higher level, the higher salary, and the higher the upgrade cost
  • Rarity – the better Rarity, the better Salary Bonus
  • Working Time – the time it takes for each task
  • Salary – generated for each task made
  • Upgrade Cost – the cost to level up/upgrade your worker

What is the Domestic Collectors Project?

A new crypto-based play-to-earn game that is unique and of a kind and made by highly experienced developers. Send your Domestor and your Workers to work and earn Domestic Points. You can use the Domestic Points to upgrade your workers or stack up to get a piece of the Reward Pool.

Domestic Collectors is a cryptocurrency on the BNB Smart Chain network which you can sell for real money. You can buy, sell and trade your Workers in open Auction to earn more $DMC.

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