What is Meta Sports (MSP)Token?

What is Meta Sports (MSP) Token?

Meta Sports (MSP) is the native token of META SPORTS, A whole new world of sports and entertainment combined with technology connected to reality by linking to Major Sports Stars and creating an immersive Metaverse for all. Meta Sports is based on the BNB Smart Chain (BEP20).

The token has a maximum supply of 100,000,000 and a total supply of 100,000,000. As of December 24, The Meta Sports price is $0.07585 with a 24-hour trading volume of $965,378 USD.

Meta Sports (MSP) Tokenomics 

  1. Meta Sports Game Token (MSG): MSG is mainly used to purchase NFT and for in-game use. 90% of MSG tokens from the game use will be burned.

Token Allocation:

Platform Development15% release at TGE, vesting monthly over 12 monthse1500M15%
Ecological incentivec1 month cliff, vesting monthly over 24 monthse3500M35%
Play To Earn1 week cliff, vesting monthly over 12 monthse5000M50%
  1. Meta Sports platform Token (MSp): MSP is a governance token used for in-game synthesis, material purchases, game passes, and third-party game portals.

Token Allocation:

Public Sale100% will be unlocked at launch3M3%
Private Sale10% will be unlocked at launch,vesting over 10 months7M7%
Core Team6 months cliff, vesting monthly over 24 months10M10%
Ecosystem10% release at TGE, vesting monthly over 24 months10M10%
Marketing10% release at TGE, vesting monthly over 36 months20M20%
Rewards10% release at TGE, vesting monthly over 48 months50M50%

Meta Football

Meta Football is the first football game created on the Meta Sports Game on the Binance Smart Chain platform.

And it’s not only PLAY TO EARN, but the player of NFTs will also be able to map out how their results in game translate into real life. Users who own the Winning Team can split up any super prize pool earned by that group if they so choose!

NFT Introduction

Meta Football include 8 national player NFTs, Each NFT has 6 attributes. Join different matches using the Player NFT to earn $MSG or $MSP tokens. The higher a player’s level, the more rewards they’ll earn. There are 8 different levels of NFT in total with each one bringing its own set of lucrative opportunities for gamers to explore. Higher attributes players will have a variety of ways to earn in-game rewards that can also be used for improving various details. A good opportunity is the Winter Games.

Meta Sports DAO

Meta Sports DAO is a globally decentralized community that’s essential for $MSP success. The first DAO membership will be open to all future $MSP governance token holders and invites 100 core members. With smart contracts for subsequent proposals, voting and governance released on the blockchain we will put DAO members in control to determine development direction and Roadmap. They all have the right to vote on the DAO decisions. We want to make sure $MTP is widely distributed and is truly community-governed for the benefit of everyone.

At an early stage, these policies will allow DAO members to do the following:

  • Swap tokens with existing and emerging crypto games or projects.
  • Decisions on creating a new treasury to allow $MTP token holders to earn in new DAO events (such as sports star autographs/meetings, exclusive token staking, airdrops, community contribution rewards, etc.)
  • Allocate DAO fund income (Fund income comes from real-world sports competitions / advertising of sports companies, Gamefi released by the platform, Meta Sports NFT market, WEB 3.0 prediction platform, cooperation income with other project parties, etc.)

The final stage of this process will be handed over to the DAO, which members can successfully initiate through smart contracts.

What is the META SPORTS Project?

META SPORTS is the world’s first sports metaverse blockchain platform that allows users to enter into NFTs, DeFi & GameFi while also betting on predictions. With one NFT as an ID, users can access the entire platform. The future is here, and it’s a sports game changer. Meta Sports will connect with reality in an innovative way to create the first ever “Metaverse” for athletes at every level of play–from professional teams all-the way down minor leagues.

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