What is TEMDAO (TEM) Token?

TEMDAO (TEM) is the native token of TemDAO, a decentralized membership collective funding World Heritage and Cultural Assets protection and development. TEMDAO is based on Ethereum (ERC20).

The token has a maximum supply of 500,000,000,000 and a total supply of 500,000,000,000. As of January 4, The TEMDAO price is $0.05985 with a 24-hour trading volume of $1,269,360 USD.

TemDAO Tokenomics 

$TEM is an important part of the whole system. It is necessary for starting a fundraising, proposal governance, IP-NFT trade, discussion, resource exchange and project review.

Overall, 38% of total supply went to the community during the initial genesis, which includes team shares, marketing, and development fund. 62% of total supply remained unminted and available in TemDAO’s treasury to ensure the longevity of the organization, such as participation incentives, staking reward, etc. Members may choose to issue further tokens at any time to the public or select strategic entities and funders.

Marketing: 14%

Allocations for market preparation in the early stages of a project are based on contributions to market preparation and the provision of a stable market environment. Allocations are also based on airdrops and other contributions to community building and user activation of the platform. IEO and Initial liquidity are included in this part as well.


These allocations are mainly to the people who participate in World Heritage or cultural assets protection. In addition to allocations for funds beyond the crowdfunding target for equipment and other repairs, this includes allocations for due diligence of the originators, for legal and tax experts, as well as allocations for maintenance and management of the platform that allows the use of various crypto assets, for contributors, and for developers who help the platform develop in the early stages of the project. Moreover, incentives for users are also involved in this part, including initial fundraising, IP-NFT trade, forum participation, resource exchange, project review.

Development Fund: 14%

The TemDAO Project will make allocations to develop its own platform and to provide services on it. This is positioned as an important allocation for the TemDAO Project community to expand worldwide, as it is envisioned to be localized into various languages and customized according to national and regional preferences for the multifaceted maintenance and repair of World Heritage and cultural assets that are taking place in various parts of the world. It will also be used for supporting other projects based on TemDAO to extend TemDAO’s ecosystem.

Team: 10%

The remaining TemDAO Coins will be allocated to the stakeholders. This includes the TemDAO Project team, investors, prospective employees, and strategic partners.

All $TEM allocated to the TemDAO Project team members will be subject to a two-year vesting schedule. In addition, all $TEM allocated to existing stakeholders of the TemDAO Project will be non-transferable for at least one year.

Holding and Managing IP as NFTs

In order to manage the ownership of intellectual property (IP) rights, a new method called the intellectual property NFT (IP-NFT) uses distributed ledger technology (DLT). The IP-NFT is to make it possible to invest, own, and transact on IP in a free and open market while protecting the confidentiality of non-registered IP and its potential for IP protection.

Intellectual property (IP) includes not only filed or pending patents but also pre-patent intellectual products, data sets, or agreements pertaining to the administration of research projects and their associated outputs.

TemDAO is developing cooperative ecosystems so that parties involved in heritage conservation may cooperate quickly to safeguard or bring priceless cultural assets back to the public’s attention.

What is the TemDAO Project?

Current World Heritage and Cultural Assets protection models carry severe limitations and inefficiencies at the cost of those who should be the core stakeholders: tourists, locals that are related to the sites, and researchers of culture, history and architecture. TemDAO proposes a novel organizational structure to address these challenges.

TemDAO is a decentralized membership collective funding World Heritage and Cultural Assets protection and development. Its mission is to advance world heritage protection and development in an open and democratic manner. TemDAO will own the intellectual property assets that result from the projects it supports, and members of TemDAO govern the structure and its decision-making processes. Members can join TemDAO by purchasing TEM tokens or earning them through contributions of work or intellectual property.

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